Tri-City Herald:

By Annie Fowler | Tri-City Herald

Today is the trade deadline in the Western Hockey League. By 2 p.m., the roster each team has, will be the one they have to work with the remainder of the season.

Tri-City Americans general manager Bob Tory, who was in Kamloops for Wednesday’s game, said his cell phone was not ringing off the hook, nor was he burning up his minutes trying to make deals.

“It was a pretty quiet,” Tory said. “We are not aggressively shopping. The prices are quite inflated and I’m not going to do anything to affect our team’s future.” There were a few minor trades Wednesday, but Tory said there are no high-end players available.

“I’m not going to overpay for talent,” Tory said. “There aren’t the type of players available like there has been in the past. And, we are not going to gut our team. I like the effort we put in most nights and our goalie is one of the best in the league. We have seven 17-year-olds and they all are integral parts of the team.”



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