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  • We know you were a big kid in training camp, coming in at 6’5 as a 15 year old. Have you grown since then, or have you topped out?
    • Actually, I’ve already grown another inch. I’m 6’6 now *laughs* and I think I have another inch or two in me.
  • How do you think your season is going with POE?
    • I think it’s going pretty well. It’s kind of rough because we aren’t the best team in the league. I see a lot of shots which is good for development, but we compete hard every game. There’s always room for improvement though. With POE, we get 2 hours on the ice everyday which is great in helping me improve my game.
  • What areas of your game do you think that you need to improve on to make the Ams next year?
    • I think that I can always improve every part of my game. But specifically, I want to work on my puck handling. I think that’s a big one for me. Hand eye coordination is another one to work on. Other than that, I’m always trying to get faster and stronger.
  • What do you think are your best skills currently? What can you bring to the table for the team?
    • Being 6’6, I cover a large part of the net. If I keep being able to nail my angles and positioning, I take away a lot of scoring chances. And I feel that my in-tight game is doing really well.
  • You were on the bench for the win in Spokane where Patrick Dea stopped 50 shots before winning in a 7-round shootout. What were you able to take away from that experience?
    • The whole experience was surreal. From the time that I walked through the door, to sitting on the bench, to jumping on the ice with the team to celebrate, it was all awesome. Patty (Dea) was amazing. He put on a clinic that night. I loved how close the whole team was and I was glad to get an insight into the lifestyle.
  • What are you looking forward to the most with the Ams?
    • I’m excited to play with those guys. The group that I was there with, along with the training camp guys, were great. I’m looking forward to the pro type lifestyle, juggling school, travel, hockey, and a social life. It will be awesome to really get there and just prepare for the next big thing to come. Overall, I’m super excited.
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