Westie’s Terms

Tri-City Americans’ broadcaster Craig West (aka Westie) is known for his colorful game descriptions. Below are some of the terms Westie will use during his radio broadcasts to describe the action. If you hear specific Westie Terms that are not defined, send them to us and we will do our best to define them and add them to the list.


Beat Him Like Grandma Does an Old Throw Rug:

In reference to a goalie being deked or otherwise scored on in an embarassing manner.

Between the Pillows:

A shot or deflection that goes between a goaltenders leg pads.


The face off circles.

Equipment Sale:

Act of disgarding sticks, gloves, helmets and various other articles of equipment; usually in preparation to engage in fisticuffs.

(in the) Paint:

Goal crease.


The ice surface.

A Rough Ride:

Player hit hard into the boards.

Puck Rimmed In:

Puck shot all the way around the boards and behind the attacking zone net.

Pulling the Chute:

Fans leaving the game/arena early thinking the game’s outcome is already decided or a player falling to the ice and pulling his opponent down on top of him to prematurely end a fight.

Shot in the Melon or Grill:

Punch or stick to the face.

Sprung a Leak:

Player has gotten cut and is bleeding.

Top Shelf, Up Where Uncle Bob Keeps the Bourbon Bottle:

Shot lifted up under the cross bar, usually leaving the goalie with little or no chance of making a save.


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